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Brand: Hartmann Product Code: 20-00492
 Non Sterile Gauze Swabs Sterilux Es 10x10cm 8ply (Package of 100pcs) Hartmann 418804Made of absorbent cotton gauze according to EN 14079, 17 threads, with cut edges folded in (= ES); can be unfolded several times in order to obtain larger sizes without any fraying of edges; highly absorbent, p..
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Brand: Hartmann Product Code: 09-04322
Made of white synthetic silk with synthetic rubber adhesive in a linear arrangement. Impregnated with water repellent material. Extremely air permeable. They have serrated edges...
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Brand: Tegaderm 3M Product Code: 20-01104
Transparent bandage that can be used to cover and protect catheter sites and wounds, to maintain a moist environment for wound healing and to protect devices on the skin...
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Brand: Tegaderm 3M Product Code: 20-00496
Self-adhesive patch made of semi-permeable waterproof polyurethane tape with a tight core and hypoallergenic adhesive, can be removed without irritating the wound.They are used to protect against secondary infections and mechanical irritations of dry wounds that have healed in the first phase, for w..
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Alcohol Hand Gel 500ml Novalis Vita
Brand: Novalis Vita Product Code: 10-14934
Alcohol hand cleansing gel by Novalis Vita.With glycerin and aloe vera for hand hygiene and care.Contains 70% ethyl alcohol..
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Brand: Tegaderm 3M Product Code: 20-17289
Bandage and Pad 9x10cm Tegaderm 3586..
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