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Gauze compresses - bandages - Plasters - Medical tapes

Brand: Hartmann Product Code: 09-00084, 00085, 00334
Rolta soft is a single-use device used by healthcare professionals and instructed lay persons in a non-invasive context. It canbe used where a padding effect is required, i.e. compression therapy or immobilization with stiff materials such as splints orcasts, for up to long-term on intact skin on hu..
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Product Code: 20-00968, 21195, 21196, 21197, 21198, 21199
70% Cotton and 30% synthetic yarnThey lengthen without losing their width and return to their original length...
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Brand: Bastos Viegas Product Code: 09-05603, 05604, 05605, 05606, 05607, 05608, 06060, 06061
•  Dressings retention.• Excellent dermophilic properties and air circulation.• Doesn't limit movements and it's very comfortable.• With simple cuts, can be applied to the different parts of the body, even the most difficult ones to reach.• Polyamide and polyurethane.• Stretched length: 25..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-21239, 21240, 21241, 21242
Featuresdelicate, light, air and X-ray permeableconforms good to the body‘s contourshypoallergenicsupporting bandage, elastic, wovenhigh cotton content makes the bandage safe for the skin and well-toleratedby people with allergic tendencyequipped with a clip for fixingIndicationfixation of all types..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-23241, 23247, 23242, 23243, 23244, 23245, 23246
Self-adhesive dressings with centrally situated absorbent pad, made of hydrophobic non-woven, covered with acrylic glueAbsorbent pad coated with a polyethylene mesh that prevents sticking to the wound, absorbs a small and medium amount of exudate and protects against the influence of external factor..
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Product Code: 20-23211
Non sterile gauze swab 13 threads Kompri Lux 5 10cm x 10cm 8ply  100pcs..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-23209
Non sterile gauze swab 13 threads Kompri Lux 5cm x 5cm 8ply 100pcs..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-23210
Non sterile gauze swab 13 threads Kompri Lux 7,5cm x 7,5cm 8ply 100pcs..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-23212
Non sterile gauze swab 17 threads Kompri Lux 10cm x 20cm 8ply 100pcs..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-21243, 21244, 21245
Features:Made of cotton gauze coated with natural plaster of Paris on both sidesOn a plastic rollEnable fast and durable immobilizationBefore fixing need to be soaked in a container with water at 20oC temperatureDo not absorb X-raysIndication:Large and small immobilizing dressings in orthopedic, amb..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-23213
Sterile gauze swab Kompri Lux S  5x5cm 8ply 17 threads (50pcs)..
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Brand: Zarys Product Code: 20-23214
Sterile gauze swab Kompri Lux S  5Χ5cm 8ply 17 threads (50 packages  x 2 pcs per package = 100 pcs)..
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