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Abdominal Βinders

Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-03186, 03187, 03188, 02624
Gibaud postoperative elastic band with three strips and height 24 cm. Suitable for support, in case of temporary insufficiency of the abdominal walls as well as for holding pads. ..
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Gibaud Wool - Heat Belt Gibauld
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-03241, 03242, 03243, 03244, 03245
Gibaud Heat Belt envelops you and preserves your body heat to soothe your lower back pain. Made from merino wool and modal fiber, our warmth lumbar belt is soft, breathable and comfortable. Day and night, as soon as you feel the need, the Gibaud Heat Belt accompanies you on a daily basis...
Ex Tax:28.76€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02625, 02626
Men's belt for fractures and rib injuries. It consists of three elastic strips of fabric, with ventilated seams that provide the ideal pressure for the shape of the chest. Contraindicated for multiple injuries with lung injuries...
Ex Tax:28.32€
Brand: John's Product Code: 08-01673, 01672, 01675, 03162, 03163, 01676, 03164
Elastic dorsal belt for men at the front fits & supports perfectly. Height: 15cm...
Ex Tax:20.35€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02632
This belt provides compression and support for weak and strained abdominal muscles resulting from injury, exhaustion, inactivity or surgeries including cesarean, liposuction, or hysterectomy.Promotes good back posture and can also be used as a waist trimmer.Ideal for post-natal and post-surgical man..
Ex Tax:20.27€
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