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Brand: Ossur Product Code: 08-00260, 00261, 00262, 00263
Miami J is a scientifically proven cervical collar with superior immobilization for effective rehabilitation...
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Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-02049, 02995
Size:                                              S              M              LNeck circumferance (cm):  &n..
Ex Tax:11.50€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02638
Foamy cervical collar, 6cm..
Ex Tax:8.76€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-001000, 001001, 001002, 001008
Foamy Cervical Cοllar 8.5 cm Gibaud..
Ex Tax:9.65€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02640, 02641, 02642, 02643
Self-adhesive hard collar, height adjustable, with footrest. Indicated for use before diagnosis, cervical injury, cervical syndrome, moderate cervical spine injury, traumatic cervical neuralgia...
Ex Tax:30.97€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02990
Self-adhesive hard collar, height adjustable, without calf. Indicated for cervical injury, cervical syndrome, mild to moderate cervical spine injury...
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Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02644, 02645, 02646
Self-adhesive semi-rigid collar height of 8.5 cm with the possibility of removing the rigid board and use as a soft. The use of the plate is indicated in benign and moderate sprain of the cervical spine, for strong restraint in case of acute crisis of arthritis of the neck, or cervical neuralgia...
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Brand: Ossur Product Code: 08-00264, 00265, 00266
The Philadelphia Tracheatomy Collar is a hospital and rehabilitation collar that is designed to maintain neutral alignment of the cervical spine after injury to the neck. The collar contains a large trachea opening allows carotid pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies..
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Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-001003, 001004, 001005, 001009
For mild cases of neck injuries, cervical syndrome (degenerative, posttraumatic), cervical strain/spasm and tension headache.Comfortable use for day or night...
Ex Tax:10.53€
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