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Knee support - Patellar straps

Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-03007, 08001, 08002
Suitable for mild injuries and sprains, in cases of chronic diseases and as a preventive support during daily and / or sports activities...
Ex Tax:8.76€
Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-03232, 03233, 03234, 03235
Elastic knee support, made with high quality, durable fabricReinforced seems, breathable and antiallergic fabricOpen patella for firm support and better fit4 stays (2 on each side)WashableConservative treatment for:Knee lesions and rupturesRheumatoid arthritisPatellar chodropathyLateral ligament inj..
Ex Tax:18.58€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02647, 02648, 02649, 02650
Protects and relieves your daily pain and restores your feelings of instability, especially when resuming activity.Gibaud 3D, skincare that moves with me.Class 3 proprioceptive compressionPatellar ring to support the patellaLatex-free care textileGood hold during use thanks to its anti-slip system a..
Ex Tax:33.63€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02651, 02652, 02653, 02654, 02655, 02656
Protects and relieves your knee in case of severe or moderate sprains. It is also recommended in the rehabilitation or rehabilitation phase. The Genugib® Open is easy to put on thanks to its full front opening.Full front opening: facilitates fitting and adaptability.Worn over or under pants.Patellar..
Ex Tax:60.18€
Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02657
Gibaud Chondropathy / Chondromalacia Belt.Suitable for cases of coarse softening, mild discomfort and strain on the knee..
Ex Tax:10.53€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-08003
This knee brace is equipped with two Bi-lateral hinges that provide full knee stabilization, stability and compression.With Two Velcro straps above/below the knee joint for additional support and grip.Made of Neoprene and breathable spacer fabric with Velcro fastener that allows optimal individual f..
Ex Tax:30.97€
Brand: John's Product Code: 08-00645, 00646, 00647, 00648, 00649, 00650
JOHN'S Elastic Knee Support..
Ex Tax:8.76€
Brand: John's Product Code: 08-01949, 01950, 01951, 01952, 03226
Provides massage effect with its silicone inserts to increase blood circulation during strains, helps to remove hematoma and edema...
Ex Tax:21.24€
Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-03298, 03192, 03127, 03193
Breathable, Neoprene knee supportSpiral stays for extra immobilizationThigh opening for easier applicationThigh and calf closure with Velcro straps for better immobilization of the kneeCircular ring resrticts patella movementSuitable for work and leisureWashableConservative treatment for:Lateral kne..
Ex Tax:30.97€
Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-03147
Size: One SizeLeft – Right: UniversalColor: BlackPatella strap made of special composition Neoprene which prevents moisture with a gel padAdhesive Velcro closureWashableSuitable for sportsConservative treatment for:OSGOOD – SCHLATTER syndromeJUMBERS KNEE tendonitisQuadriceps tendon..
Ex Tax:17.52€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02636
This thigh support is ideal for minor thigh injuries, provides relief to tired and aching thigh muscles. Provides therapeutic warmth and compression.Recommended for sports and everyday activity.Made of Neoprene and breathable spacer fabric with Velcro fastener that allows optimal individual fitting...
Ex Tax:14.69€
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