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Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02542, 02543, 02544
Action V Lumbar Support Belt, relieves your daily pain and corrects your posture.She supports each patient to free their back in case of lumbago, sciatica and low back pain. It has a patented V-shaped boning to focus its action on the painful area of ​​your back.Targeted action on the painful area b..
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Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02619, 02620, 02621, 02622, 02623
Gibaud double tightening belt with four panels, ventilated. For acute back pain, sciatica, chronic back pain, for periodic use during work or to treat irritations that may be caused by recreational activities...
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Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02530, 02330, 02328, 02329
Gibaud self-adhesive belt with four 21cm panels. Suitable for back pain and cramps, prevention during manual work or activities with extensive use of the lumbar region...
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Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-03241, 03242, 03243, 03244, 03245
Gibaud Heat Belt envelops you and preserves your body heat to soothe your lower back pain. Made from merino wool and modal fiber, our warmth lumbar belt is soft, breathable and comfortable. Day and night, as soon as you feel the need, the Gibaud Heat Belt accompanies you on a daily basis...
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Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02627, 02628, 02629, 02630
Lumbar belt with 4 panels Criss-Cross Uriel..
Ex Tax:53.89€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02795, 02796, 02797, 02798
Lumbar belt with 4 panels LUMBO (078 C) URIEL..
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Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-02743, 02744, 02745, 02746, 02747
Lumbar support brace with a lacing compression system..
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Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-03138, 03139, 03140, 03141
Posture Harness..
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Brand: John's Product Code: 08-02586
Soft elastic material fits perfectly and posture the back with cross strap in back. One size...
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Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-02212, 02213, 02214, 02215, 02982
Aluminum construction lined with breathable and antiallergic cotton fabricRear aluminum stays lined with cotton fabric for comfortRear crossed straps for better spinal supportFront Velcro closure strapsElastic straps in the abdominal region for increased compression of the Lumbar spineAllows sitting..
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Brand: Medical Brace Product Code: 08-02143, 02142, 02144, 02145
Three-point torso splint with breast PAD and adjustable height-adjustable abdominal strap..
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Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02633
Provides mechanical support by reducing lumbar pressure and providing a compression effect around the lower back and abdomen.Recommended for orthopedic conditions including lumbar facet joint syndrome, sciatica, spondylitis, and post-surgical lumbar procedures.Made of Neoprene and breathable spacer ..
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