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Shoulder immobilizers - abductors

Brand: Gibaud Product Code: 08-02694
Self-adhesive Gibaud wrench and wrist restraint strap. Suitable for immobilization after shoulder or elbow injury. It is suitable for dislocations or postoperative conditions.One Size..
Ex Tax:37.88€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02635, 03072, 03073, 03198
Extra comfortable sling with accent on minimal pressure and tension on the back of the neck.The pouch supports the arm during recovery of fractures, sprains and other injuries.Light material, designed for warmer climatesHook & loop fasteners for easy application.Provides maximum comfort...
Ex Tax:13.27€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02634
Self-adhesive adjustable Uriel grip made of foam with cotton lining ..
Ex Tax:13.27€
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