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Brand: ControlBios Product Code: 20-23224
Blood glucose monitor and monitoring system for the fluctuation of blood glucose. ControlBios is an elegant blood glucose monitor that can be easily utilized both indoors and outdoors for quick and precise measuring. It is the first monitor designed in Greece and its unique features make it ideal fo..
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Brand: ControlBios Product Code: 10-00793
Advanced technology infrared wall thermometer. Suitable for accurate measurement of human body temperature and non-contact objects. Ideal for places with a large attendance of public and staff (workplaces, shops, shopping malls, etc.)..
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Brand: ControlBios Product Code: 20-01034
Control test strips for ControBios blood glucose monitor. Control test strips are exclusively compatible with the ControlBios blood glucose monitor. They require a minimum amount of blood (0.5 mL) since they utilize automatic priming. The new enzyme glucose dehydrogenase (GDH-FAD) ensures the most p..
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Brand: ControlBios Product Code: 20-01036
In order to conduct a measurement, it is necessary to draw a sample of blood. ControlFine sterilized lancets are used with the corresponding Control lancing device which comes along with the blood sugar monitor. 30 G fineness and triple bevel ensure a smooth and painless sample draw...
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