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Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02635, 03072, 03073, 03198
Extra comfortable sling with accent on minimal pressure and tension on the back of the neck.The pouch supports the arm during recovery of fractures, sprains and other injuries.Light material, designed for warmer climatesHook & loop fasteners for easy application.Provides maximum comfort...
Ex Tax:13.27€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-00774
Big toe splint one size L/R Hallux Valgus..
Ex Tax:11.50€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02615, 02616, 02617, 02618
This product is designed to immobilize injured finger.Lightweight flexible PE shell and EVA pad hold the finger firmly, providing good support and protection...
Ex Tax:5.75€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02634
Self-adhesive adjustable Uriel grip made of foam with cotton lining ..
Ex Tax:13.27€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-08003
This knee brace is equipped with two Bi-lateral hinges that provide full knee stabilization, stability and compression.With Two Velcro straps above/below the knee joint for additional support and grip.Made of Neoprene and breathable spacer fabric with Velcro fastener that allows optimal individual f..
Ex Tax:30.97€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02627, 02628, 02629, 02630
Lumbar belt with 4 panels Criss-Cross Uriel..
Ex Tax:53.89€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02795, 02796, 02797, 02798
Lumbar belt with 4 panels LUMBO (078 C) URIEL..
Ex Tax:34.51€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-001003, 001004, 001005, 001009
For mild cases of neck injuries, cervical syndrome (degenerative, posttraumatic), cervical strain/spasm and tension headache.Comfortable use for day or night...
Ex Tax:10.53€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02450, 02689, 02696, 02697
Sport Suspensory Uriel ..
Ex Tax:20.35€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02632
This belt provides compression and support for weak and strained abdominal muscles resulting from injury, exhaustion, inactivity or surgeries including cesarean, liposuction, or hysterectomy.Promotes good back posture and can also be used as a waist trimmer.Ideal for post-natal and post-surgical man..
Ex Tax:20.27€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02637
This bandage provides helps to provide protection for the ankle, helps ease painful, tired feet and swollen ankles during every day and sports activity.Made of Neoprene and breathable spacer fabric with Velcro fastener that allows optimal individual fitting...
Ex Tax:8.41€
Brand: Uriel Product Code: 08-02633
Provides mechanical support by reducing lumbar pressure and providing a compression effect around the lower back and abdomen.Recommended for orthopedic conditions including lumbar facet joint syndrome, sciatica, spondylitis, and post-surgical lumbar procedures.Made of Neoprene and breathable spacer ..
Ex Tax:32.48€
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